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Group Programs

School Readiness

Jump Start Early Intervention has school readiness groups for children of all abilities. Each child has an intake assessment to determine which group best suits their learning needs for success in the classroom. Groups consist of between 2 and 10 students and are run by our qualified teacher and transition specialist Susan Prado.Our behavior specialist/psychologist assists in the running of school readiness groups and larger groups have additional aids as needed. Children that are not quite ready for the group environment may be placed in our 1:1 pre - readiness program to learn skills required before moving to small group participation.

School readiness groups teach a range of skills required for success in the classroom and provide support for a successful transition to school.

Social Skills

Jump Start Early Intervention offer social skills groups for children of all ages and abilities. Children are placed in groups best suited to their individual needs. These needs may range from those experiencing minor difficulties and wishing to improve their skills to those facing more severe challenges in the social domain. Social skills groups address all areas essential to successful interactions and relationships with others.

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